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Landscape Design in Houston, TX

Homeowners and business owners know the importance of keeping lawns surrounding a property in top shape. They also understand that landscape work needs to be performed every so often in order to not only maintain the current landscaping, but to upgrade it and sometimes change it. The landscape surrounding a property is the one part, aside from the actual building, that people pay attention to.

Landscape, Landscaping Services

Patio, Landscaping Services

For homeowners, the aesthetic appeal of their home increases the home's value and makes it more pleasant for visitors. For business owners, the landscape can be what attracts customers to the business or makes the building more appealing in general. That is why at Kirsch Landscape, we provide expert landscape design services for residents and businesses in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.

Beautiful Grass
Houston landscaping can mean something different to many people. The city of Houston itself already has a beautiful landscape; however, a home or building must have more surrounding it to increase its overall value. For a home or business, this can mean installing new or artificial grass—a specialty of Kirsch Landscape at

The reason that some choose artificial grass is that it is low maintenance and can outlive real grass. It also always offers a very green appearance without wearing or drying out. Not having to worry about the grass can mean that building owners and homeowners can focus on other aspects of their landscape.

Landscaping Expertise
Plants, flowers, and other natural decorative elements can make a place more appealing. In addition, stone walkways or pebble stones leading to an entrance are nice ways to enhance the property. We can evaluate properties and make suggestions about additions and improvements. With professional experience, can provide the best quote for a landscape job and make your property look beautiful for years.

Landscaping is an important aspect of any property, whether it is a home or office building. Contact for more information about Kirsch Landscape design services today!