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Irrigation Systems in Houston, TX

Does the hot, Houston air have your yard looking a little brown? If so, we have great news! You don't have to do a rain dance to get the luscious, green yard you've dreamed of. An irrigation system provided by Kirsch Landscape at can ensure that you have a beautiful yard year-round, despite the weather. We professionally install first-rate irrigation systems in Houston, TX and nearby cities.

Lawn, Irrigation Systems

Lawn, Irrigation Systems

Green Yard & Lifestyle
You may have considered obtaining an irrigation system in the past, but perhaps you thought it was not the smartest choice due to cost, water usage, or location. At Kirsch Landscape, we want you to know that what you've heard about irrigation systems in the past is wrong. Our irrigation systems are state-of-the art. An irrigation system offers enough water to nourish your grass, keeps plants healthy, and conserves water.

You won't spend a lot of money on a huge water bill when you use our systems. You'll protect the investment of your yard, increase the value of your home, and enjoy the beauty of your home for years.

Convenient Houston Location
As you search for irrigation systems, Houston-area systems can be difficult to locate; however, by visiting, you've found a Houston expert in Kirsch Landscape! We're located right here in town, so we can install your irrigation system without adding costly surcharges for travel.

Additionally, our locality means that you can talk to us about your system before and after it's installed in your yard. We're close by so we can troubleshoot and fix issues you may have before your plants suffer from dehydration. As a Houston provider, we understand how the Texas heat and air can damage plants. Our knowledgeable lawn experts are familiar with the Houston climate and ready to offer first-rate landscaping solutions.

If you're ready for a beautiful yard despite any type of weather condition, contact Kirsch Landscape at for an appointment. We'll consult with you to determine what system is best for your yard
and unique situation. Don't let your yard be under the weather. Schedule an at-home consultation in Houston, TX today!